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mike crawford


(O) 916-783-8080 // (F) 916-783-9064
(E) mike@creeksideinc.net


Favorite Quote
“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.” -Douglas MacArthur

Personal History
I grew up in a military family. Enough said right? My father was in for 38 years but I only went through 18 of those years. Every 3 years was a different location and I’ve been all through the United States. Life for our family was great but only after the every morning 5am workouts which produced discipline and character in each of our lives.

After high school I went into the trades. At 18, I was a Foreman for a commercial roofing company. Took a break from that after three years and started again in the carpentry trade. After 10 years of that in the Bay Area I moved to Sacramento to start a family with my wife Rachel. We’ve been together 20 plus years and have 2 beautiful now adults Talia and Jordan.

For relief from a hard day of service, I wind down by putting my hands on small woodworking projects. I make bird houses. I don’t know exactly why but the time spent in creating something small and unique is quite satisfying to me and allows for that needed decompressing time, not to mention they look pretty darn good too.

Favorite Food and/or Favorite Restaurant
I like food from the Philippines and I cook food for my family at home. I make all types of food but since my wife being of that ethnicity, I am particularly fond of it.

Favorite Place on Earth
My favorite place to be in the world is with my family no matter what the location is. You can be anywhere in the world but if you don’t have the ones you love with you; it’s just another place to be.