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Favorite Quote

“10 Winning Qualities”

  1. Keep self-talk affirmative

  2. Accept all compliments with a “thank you”

  3. Dress and look your best at all times

  4. Volunteer you own name first

  5. Sit up front in meeting & seminars

  6. Walk tall, in a relaxed, yet faster, pace

  7. Accept & enjoy yourself right now

  8. Set your own internal standards. Don’t compare yourself with others

  9. Have an on-going self-development plan

  10. REMEMBER the deep-down joy of your own worth

Dennis Waitley “The Psychology of Winning”

Personal History

I’ve been in the construction industry for the past 15 years providing construction management and mentoring other women in the construction trades.  I have been blessed with 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl) who are out on their own, blazing their own trails.  Also, in the process of loving my 3 granddaughters, hopefully more to come.  I love to lap swim, country line dance or dancing in general, love to karaoke too.  But my favorite pastime for the past 6 years is riding on an equestrian drill team called “The Flying Fillies”.  The Flying Fillies compete against other drill teams in California and have traveled to Washington to compete.  In fact, we placed as Reserved Champions at Grand National Rodeo @ the Cow Palace in San Francisco and were invited to perform our drill maneuvers for the rodeo intermission entertainment.  We were also invited to carry the sponsorship flags for Grand Entry and I was given the honor to carry Cotton Rosser’s “Flying U” flag.  What an awesome experience to go into the Cow Palace arena as an adult.  I grew up in San Francisco and seen many rodeos there and now I was in there to perform, thrill of a lifetime. One happy cowgirl!

We also enter parades and volunteer to carry sponsorship flags for rodeo sponsors throughout California.

Best Stress Reliever
The best stress reliever is riding my horse or country line dancing.

Favorite Food and/or Favorite Restaurant
My favorite food is Mongolian BBQ, Sizzle in Rocklin CA.

Favorite Place on Earth
My favorite place on earth is iwith my horse..

Dream Vacation
My dream vacation would be an all expense paid tour thru Spain, Italy, Rome, Greece, France, Ireland, Scotland, England and Costa Rica.

My education is ongoing.